In counseling we'll consider the experiences you’ve had in order to understand how you have arrived at this point in your life.

This understanding, along with the development of interpersonal skills and branching out to engage in new experiences, are our aims.

This work heals emotional pain, deepens relationships, and changes troubling behaviors. Counseling is sometimes challenging, but it also offers opportunities for healing and personal growth. Through the work of counseling, my clients describe having richer and more satisfying lives.
I am passionate about my work. I strive to provide an inviting and caring environment for my clients. I am patient and work collaboratively - you give the cues on how quickly to move therapeutically. However, you can also count on me to ask you about areas that seem neglected.
Lastly, if you are unsure whether to begin counseling, or uncertain about how it may be helpful, I offer consultations.
Please contact me at 617-575-2640 or to schedule an appointment.