When executives advance in an organization, the promotion creates a new role, redefines one's relationship with others, and requires one to use leadership skills that may not have been required in the previous position.  Executive coaching can provide support during these transitions by offering the following services:

Advancement through a company's various levels and into upper management lead to acquiring additional responsibilities, yet  receiving less support and feedback. Executive coaching provides an opportunity for executives to enhance their understanding of their capabilities, identify measurable objectives that align with the goals of the company, and develop skills and strategies to meet those objectives.  

Transformative changes are elicited in executive coaching by my providing honest and clear feedback, using diverse and evidence-based coaching strategies, and skillful partnering with both executives and their companies.

If you are interested in executive coaching for yourself or an employee in your company, please contact me at 617-575-2640 or info@mosescounseling.com to schedule an appointment.